2019 Fleet



Homeport: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Sparred Length: 110'

Built in the late Captain Fuller’s backyard on the Ottawa River between 1979 and 1982, the 110 foot (33.5 meter) Brigantine Fair Jeanne has logged over 150,000 nautical miles (280,000 kilometers), and has put over 2,500 trainees through her program in the last 20 years. Using a sail training logbook as the basis for discovery, young people develop qualities of leadership and self-reliance, gaining self-confidence by challenging themselves to learn new skills and make lifelong friends. The Thomas G. Fuller bursary program strives to leave no young person ashore for lack of funds. Why other people say you should sail on the Fair Jeanne: “This was a very unique and fun experience. I enjoyed the voyage and its food. We did many fun activities and I learned a lot about sailing.” “When his dad dropped him off three people came to reassure us that the ship had been thoroughly cleaned (because food allergies). What fabulous care and attention.” “I’m definitely coming back, I want to get my levels and become a Petty officer or a Watch Leader.”