2019 Fleet



Homeport: Suttons Bay, Michigan
Sparred Length: 77'
Rig Height: 68'
Sail Area: 1,800 sq ft

Inland Seas Education Association (ISEA) was created in 1989 to teach culturally diverse students from throughout the state of Michigan, the Midwest, and beyond about the science and heritage of the Great Lakes. ISEA’s award-winning experiential educational programs are designed for students in grades 4–12 but are modified for learners of all ages. More than 100,000 participants have experienced the Great Lakes Schoolship Program, including students from over 140 Michigan communities. Summer shipboard experiences for all ages include astronomy and science programs on Grand Traverse Bay and Lake Michigan. The goal of every ISEA program is to encourage young people to pursue academic interests related to the Great Lakes, particularly the sciences, and to provide enhanced public understanding and stewardship of the Great Lakes for future generations. The heart of the Schoolship Program is the work of 200 dedicated and professionally trained volunteers who donate nearly 10,000 hours annually aboard the schoolship.