2019 Fleet


Pride of Baltimore II

Homeport: Baltimore, Maryland
Sparred Length: 157'
Rig Height: 107’
Sail Area: 9,705 sq ft

After the tragic sinking of the original Pride of Baltimore, the board of directors of the nonprofit that operated Pride for the City of Baltimore had no heart or stamina for building a replacement ship. But then the money started rolling in — in jars of pennies, in cans of dimes, in envelopes with $3.49 inside, in checks for $10,000. This outpouring of unsolicited public support all but forced the board into going forward with a new ship. By late summer of 1986, plans for a replacement were under way. The ship was to be named Pride of Baltimore II and serve as a sailing memorial to the original Pride. She was to be another Baltimore Clipper topsail schooner that would continue the mission of the first ship. With an insurance payment of just under $500,000; a state grant of $1 million; and contributions from private citizens, students, corporations, and foundations totaling more than $2.5 million, sufficient funds were available to build a new ship and endow an operating fund.